Where to Find a Gold Shop Singapore

Singapore Gold Shop

If you want to find a Gold Shop Singapore, then you need come to the right place. Little India and Serangoon road are two great choices, however, you will find just about anything at any of the many jewelleries shops in Singapore. Continue reading to learn more! The good thing is that they are all within walking distance of 1 another! You can even buy a beautiful piece of jewellery on your own! And do not worry if you’re not sure how to start. Here are some tips to get you started.

916 Gold

Jewellery shops in Singapore
Picking a jewellery in Singapore is extensive, although not all shops are the same. You may be searching for a unique engagement ring or even the perfect wedding band, the following shops in Singapore are certain to impress. Here are some in our favorites. Forbidden Hill: This homegrown brand is known for its colourful collections inspired by Southeast Asia. For any more affordable experience, try purchasing something off of their already extensive collections.

Tianpo: One of the fastest-growing jewellers in Singapore, Tianpo draws inspiration from local culture to create unique and on-trend pieces. With more than twenty locations in Singapore, Tianpo includes a wide selection of jewellery options to select from. For that ultimate custom design experience, head over to one of the numerous stores around the island. In addition to their online shop, they likewise have a number of physical stores across the island.

Jewellery shops in Little India
There are many famous jewellery shops in Little India, including Ishtara Jewellery, which has been around for 34 years. Ishtara is known for its exquisite handcrafted jewellery, and its customised services include ear piercing and gunshots. For a more traditional experience, go to the Little India Indian Market and purchase a piece of jewellery made from gold. Or you might try your luck at the Indian Goldsmiths’ Shop.

Whether you are looking for a wedding band or perhaps a ring, you’re sure to find something which suits your style and budget at a reasonable cost in Little India. Some of the most popular jewellery shops in Little India are Abiraame Jeweller and GMT Jewellers. Abiraame Jewellers is a household name in Little India. They carry everything from diamonds to gold and therefore are recognized for their ethnic and traditional jewellery. Another popular jewellery shop is Meena Jewellers. Founded in 1968, this shop sells exquisite bits of temple jewellery and semi-precious craft from Jaipur.

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