Tourist Suggestions for Cairo

Cairo Day Tours

Cairo may be the largest city in Africa as well as the capital of Egypt. With 6,760,000 people, Cairo is the world’s 16th most populous metropolis. It’s been called “The town of one thousand minarets” and it is the cultural, commercial, political and academic center of the country. Egypt continues to be the land of civilizations throughout background and its capital still hosts many historical sites and popular attractions. Cairo draws visitors throughout the world. Cairo also manages to take care of its intense polluting of the environment and traffic. This article is an overview of Cairo’s major tourist destinations.

Cairo day trips

The Pyramids are wonderful monuments towards the ancient rulers of Egypt and also the most celebrated attractions in the entire country. The Giza area has more than ten pyramids among which are the great pyramid of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. These pyramids would be the most well-known. Visit these wonders throughout the dazzling light and sound show at night. A visit to the Great Sphinx is yet another important venture attempted by all tourists during their Cairo tour. Like pyramids, this mysterious monument is another renowned indication of Egypt and getting a chance to check this out acclaimed “guard from the Giza” will be a mesmerizing experience.

The historical Islamic-Cairo area features a huge web of old twisting streets and is a unique spot to visit. The streets have many buildings and mosques which display traditional architecture. Khan Ali-Kalili is situated in the middle of Islamic-Cairo and it is the biggest and best known open air market in Cairo. It’s a paradise for the shoppers. You will see countless shops selling beautiful jewelry, souvenirs, exotic spices, perfumes plus much more within this huge market that was established in 14th century. You are welcome to use your haggling abilities to the maximum in the Khan market where bargaining is considered as a preferred means of communication.

The majestic Citadel is another important historic site. This giant stone castle built-in the 12th century offers insight into the history of Egypt. There are also many other attractions such as the Mosque of Mohamed Ali, Al-Gawhara Palace, the Well of Joseph and the National Military Museum. Heliopolis is really a scenic neighborhood in Cairo which was founded like a garden reserve. Go to the beautiful Baron’s Palace, several posh homes and enjoy a fantastic sunset at Heliopolis.The Egyptian Museum can be found in Midan Tahrir square and it is probably the most famous museums in the world. It is a must visit for history buffs.The museum began in 1897 and holds an incredible assortment of Egyptian artifacts spanning greater than 5,000 years as well as royal mummies and also the renowned fortunes of Tutankhamen. Greater than 120,000 objects are on rotation and all objects are displayed chronologically.

The Nile River cruise is definitely an exhilarating way to view landmarks. Sailing trips on Egypt’s traditional sailing boats, ‘feluccas’, also attract many tourists. The Cairo Tower was built-in 1961 and it is one other popular attraction. This 180 meters tall TV tower is located on Gezira Island. Enjoy a stunning look at the town from its observation deck or have brunch within the famed revolving restaurant at the top.

Riding around the back of a camel is among the favorite activities of visitors. Others benefit from the rare buggy tours to explore the ancient wonders. Horse riding is yet another exciting experience in the desert and there are many well-known stables in Cairo for example Karim at FB Stables and EuroStables. Many go for jeep safaris to experience the calm, mystic deserts. The magnificent Cairo Opera House is the renowned cultural center of Egypt and you can enjoy some good shows and outstanding Arabian music here.

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