The very best Attractions in Cairo: Touring the very best of Egypt’s Capital

Cairo tours

Traveling to Egypt is an amazing experience, and something of the greatest city destinations is its capital, Cairo. Cairo is the largest city in addition to home to the biggest population in the whole of Africa. It’s been for many 1000’s of years the center of power and culture for Egypt, the center East and Africa which makes it a significant and historical city. It’s no wondered therefore this city is really a top destination for many tourists around the world. Tourist will enjoy many attractions across the world.

Cairo day trips

The Pyramids and the Sphinx at El Giza

Egypt is most known for the pyramids that reside in the Giza Plateau. The Pyramids of Giza and also the mysterious Sphinx would be the most popular tourist destination throughout Egypt. The pyramids in this area happen to be for some time a representation of the country. Additionally since the Giza Pyramids is really a top destination it is no wonder that you will be able to meet throngs of other vacationers there. Though usually full packed, it should still never be missed because of its historical and architectural significance.

The Cairo Citadel

The place to find a number of other amazing structures, ruins and architectures, the Cairo Citadel is really a fortress made of stone to safeguard the city from ancient invaders. Today it’s a top destination in Cairo as tourists can climb to the top from the building and have a bird’s eye view of the majority of Cairo. Tourists can also enjoy another amazing tours inside the Citadel where they are able to visit the Alabaster Mosque along with a number of open air markets and museums.

Cairo’s Nile River

Sailing listed here are countless elegant felucca, these are ancient and traditional sailboats that are still getting used to this day. Both residents and tourists enjoy the relaxing felucca ride because the Nile wind surely relaxes anyone here.

Khan El Khalili Bazaar

The largest open air market, where bargaining and haggling is really a favorite way to get around, the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar is essential see when in Egypt. For hundred of years the Khan el-Khalili is a trading and barter area which has served millions of travelers in Cairo. Today it still serves its purpose like a market where tourists can buy almost anything and everything Egypt.

The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum supports the largest quantity of artifacts recovered over years of explorations of the remains and ruins of the ancient structures built here. Discover most of the artifacts and relief just like those of King Tutankhamen treasures.

Imagine unbridled discovery and supreme fun along the way round the capital of Egypt. Find out more about humanity’s greatest civilization. By joining any of the Cairo Day Tours you will learn a lot more relating to this great city.

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