Bagdad Oriental Carpets

Rug cleaning

Bagdad oriental carpet’s exceptional carpet cleaning services are unmatched in Houston, Texas, as we possess the most innovative rug washing technology available on the marketplace. Your rugs are ensured a safe, thorough cleaning by our powerful but gentle process. We are the only rug professionals who really repaint your rug! In addition, we also offer you a superb rug dry-cleaning procedure that is best utilized for carpets or tapestries where water should not be implemented. Our carpet cleaning technicians have decades of expertise, and they clean your carpet inch by inch!
rug cleaning houston

Bagdad Oriental Carpets started in Houston in 1946 as a family business for professional carpet and higher excellent rug cleaning and repair.
When the company was initially opened, the owner marketed his business by walking door to door to both private residences and retail stores. Soon, due to the excellent, professional, friendly service and superb quality of our work, many people were calling us to get all their rug cleaning and repair requirements.

Insurance businesses and decorators also were advocating our firm to customers for service on their damaged or soiled rugs.
Bagdad has always stressed customer satisfaction ! We take pride in our unique cleaning plant, and this hasn’t been equaled to this day. We continue striving to maximize and perfect our cleansing service and promote our professional customer relations. You may expect your nice rugs to our attention.

The next generation of this family is presently operating the company and they’re continued to excel in all areas of customer satisfaction.
We’ll keep on serving all of our customers, old and new, and promoting our company through our exceptional quality of service into Houston and the surrounding areas in Texas.

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